About Hare Capital

“Author and Consultant for the Asia Pacific Region
– Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr”

Indico Capital Merchant Limited is already an important global private group, with businesses in finance, investments, aviation, mineral and non-mineral commodities, trading, trade finance, infrastructure, real estate, and agricultural property management.

Founded in 2019, “HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO LIMITED” Commodities is synonymous with entrepreneurship. Its focus is the production of Sugar, Coffee, Non-GMO Soya, and Ethanol.

In 2021 the strategy we follow successfully today began: growing and diversifying our business through acquisitions that offer opportunities to gain cooperation while maintaining the financial discipline that provide its shareholders with greatest value.

With a long-term vision and a focus on operational improvement and cost reduction, “HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO” has established itself as an important player in the Sugar, Coffee, Soya, Ethanol Commodities sector while ranking among the world ‘s most important companies in these industries while achieving unique and competitive advantages.

HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO was incorporated in 2020 but, may rely on the experience of 50 years of its partners. In 2020 it began its activities and an expansion process based on the acquisition of companies in the sector. With the acquisition of companies of the sector, it has become an important vertically integrated company in the sector.

The acquisition process will focus on companies or refineries in operation or new companies in the beginning phase of activities. HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO may also negotiate, evaluate, establish, and develop partnership arrangements to respond to the market needs. HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO focus its operations on Africa, Asia- Pacific, China, Middle East, Europe and Central and South America’s.

“HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO” ́s innovating potential in the industrial area includes the development and research of innovative technologies and practical and efficient solutions.

“HARE CAPITAL COMDISCO” inherit was the development of VHP sugar (Very High Polarization) which had set a new global standard for this product’s exports. Had also inherited the production groundbreaking for organic and liquid sugars in different countries.


Sugar from Brazil:
ICUMSA-45 Exporters

by Hare Capital

Legally representing rural capital corporation limited, Legally represented by Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr., Confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility, that we are ready, willing, and able to sell sugar products including refined ICUMSA-45 sugar from Brazil.


Ideas & Inspiration


Export From Brazil



Brazil is the largest coffee producer and exporter in the world

There are two varieties of coffee grown in Brazil, Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, also known as conillon. The first is more delicate, does not accept much moisture and needs to be planted in land between 600 meters and 2000 meters in altitude. The second, as the name implies, is a more robust, more resistant coffee and does well at altitudes between sea level and 600 meters.


Soybeans are currently the only non GMO beans

The vital claim of the soya bean is that it is the only vegetable product that has all the protein content of meat, eggs or milk products and thus it’s essential to the diet of vegetarians and vegans.

Business Segments


VHP Sugar Crystal

Targets the export market. It is a raw sugar that enables clients to turn it into different kinds of sugar for consumption.

Demerara sugar

It has regular crystals and is especially used in food processes that require a characteristic flavor, color, and texture.

Organic Crystal Sugar

A chemical-free sugar, from planting to packaging. This sugar is not refined and is used in natural food or as sweetener

Liquid Sugar

Requires a high-technology manufacture process in order to produce sucrose syrup and inverted sugar syrup.


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