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Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr. has been selected as lead Financial Consultant for Indico Capital Merchant Group representing the Asia Pacific Region. Our London-based Financial Services Group can provide Project Funding and Financial Security with a defined value (generally in USD or Euros). Furthermore, all Instruments are issued by a Top-20 Bank with full banking responsibility.

Indico Capital Merchant Group is one of the largest and most experienced providers of Bank Instruments in the world. Our offices are located in London, UKHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Visit Our Blog, to contribute, and get involved.

Finally, the Experts at Indico Capital Merchant Group work at qualifying our clients for Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG’s), etc. Our Bank Instruments are issued by top-20 rated European and International Banks. Also, we provide Funding for Master Planning Developments and debt restructuring of multi-billion dollar loans.

The Perfect Financing and Commodities Vehicle for the Asia Pacific Region


Our Services include: Receive or grant finance for industries; Raise capital for investment; Issue bonds or debt securities; Co-investment with other institutional or non-institutional investors or Family Offices, etc.

Indico Capital has inherited our focus on customers that have endured since 1815, and that has helped us to become an important group of industries. We are a leading production and industrial heritage management company in the United Kingdom. Since our foundation, we have witnessed many changes and challenges. However, today, we are investing in our future and how we can better serve our customers over the next 200 years.

Our company is operating as a controlling corporate entity, which in some projects will not be directly involved in production but in other projects. Indico will be directly involved in production with the controlling interest or participation in other companies.

In the area of Investment; we build relationships – ones that are founded upon trust, sound advice, proactive ideas. actively advise companies on buying and selling businesses, support in raising capital. Also, we assist in managing risks, production management, recovery/extra-judicial, and judicial recovery.

Also, we are experts in restructuring, rehabilitation, and conversion, whereas, we search for partners with technical or financial capacity, and that allows them to grow. With the support of important investment bankers, we can assist local, state, and national governments finance their industrial operations. Furthermore, we also invest in infrastructures such as Railways, roads and Energy plants

Corporate Business Services

Corporate Management and Commodities Consultancy

Hare Capital Management is a global family-owned business. We propose three different levels of services, basic, advanced, or tailored, allowing flexibility and taking account of your specific wishes. This can include management consultancy, management, and strategy solutions, tax advisory and consultancy, corporate services, advisory, marketing tools, client base, back to front office solutions, additional risk management, IPO’s, investments, and wealth management solutions for large institutions, families, individuals, municipalities, and governments of the Asia Pacific Region.


As a provider of independent restructuring services, we are able to offer strategic advice and access to capital that is free of conflicts. This puts us in the best position to help industries with the negotiation, development, and implementation of their capitalization strategies.

We at Hare Capital are providing innovative corporate finance & advisory solutions that are tailored to help our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals. As an independent global investment boutique-company, we have the ability to offer a wide range of advisory and capital-raising services. In other words, we cater to both emerging and established industrial companies. Our services include Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) and Financial Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Advisory and Restructuring, and Financial Services.

Cross-border capabilities :

What sets us apart is our ability to offer cross-border capabilities in the mid-market based on our global perspective and sector insights, our expertise, and relationships in multiple regions enable us to identify and unlock market opportunities across different markets.


The Experts at Indico work closely with our clients from entrepreneurs, management teams, boards of directors, special committees. Also, we provide services to business owners, institutions, investors, financial sponsors, and other stakeholders.
As one of our clients, we take time to get to know your business needs and objectives. We believe in building strong relationships where we support you through deals from start to finish. We pride ourselves on delivering, executing and advicing on financing, technology and commodities for the Asia-Pacific Market.

Research & StrategyWe at Indico are able to generate unique, thought-provoking insights and analyses to drive actionable investment ideas across a wide range of sectors. Whereas, the sectors include, Banking and Finance, Commodities, Industrial, and Business Consulting.

Commodities, Industrial and TechnologiesOur experts can provide access to global capital markets, connecting the right idea with the right client at the right time through our experienced team partnering. We strive to deliver global solutions tailored to the unique needs of Asia Pacific Technologies, Industrial and Commodities Companies, and Equity Capital Markets. Whereas, INDICO CAPITAL INDUSTRIES can provide bespoke financing solutions to corporate and private equity clients around the world.

Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) and Financial Advisory

Advisory services: We provide advisory services to companies, Boards of Directors, and Independent/Special Committees. By working in partnership with industrial companies, we can identify and assess strategic opportunities and alternatives. We are able to offer you objective advice informed expertise, and original, value-added ideas. Our global presence and expertise enable us to offer industrial companies’ advice and access to complex cross-border services.

Also, appreciate the requirement to handle your most sensitive assignments with absolute discretion to secure your competitive and tactical advantage. In other words, we value and respect relationships as we execute to achieve your objectives.

Financial Instruments: SBLC’s, Bank Guarantees

All Financial Instruments are delivered electronically “Bank-to-Bank” on the SWIFT network on the format “MT-799/ MT 760”. Most Bank Guarantees are issued with an Expiry Date; this means the Security is valid during the term before the Expiry Date.

Whereas, the basic function of a Bank Guarantee is to provide Security. Our instruments are issued for a variety of purposes such as; to improve the credit ratings. Also, for issuers of industrial development revenue bonds and commercial papers. We also provide back-up facilities for loans granted by third parties to assure performance under construction and employment contracts. Therefore, all parties will maintain confidentiality.

Bank Guarantees (BG) are used to ensure the account party satisfies financial obligations payable to major suppliers; to be monetized, discounted or funded. Whereby, the Bank Guarantee certificate is turned into usable cash.

Note: the issuance of a Guarantee is a private transaction and does not result in the issuance of any publicly tradeable instrument. As a result, all Bank Guarantees are between three principals only. Most Bank Guarantees are issued for a one-year term and can also be rolled over for up to 10 years.

In conclusion, Bank Instruments are not trading securities, trading debt instruments, or trading investment funds. Hence, there is no public market for the trading of Bank Instruments. Therefore, all of our Bank Guarantee transactions are private and only between the issuer, applicant, and receiving banks.

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