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Welcome To The Paz Foundation! Please Rise Your Helping Hand

DONATE to the Paz Foundation “ Beto Enriquez” Scholarship Fund

The Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute have joined together to create the “Beto Enriquez Memorial Scholarship Fund”. Mr. Enriquez is the brother of our Founder, Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar. Mr. Enriquez was a very humble brother who was passionate about family, education, science, technology, and history.

Cash Awards And Type Of Scholarships

The 12 Scholarships will be granted for the following educational disciplines:

Science and research | IT Technology | Clean energy management | Medical Industry Project Management

The Paz Foundation / Ariston Institute Scholarship Fund will be providing 12 (Twelve Scholarships for Students that meet the criteria established under the rules and qualifications set forth in our scholarship qualification manuals. The fund will donate over $200,000 dollars for students in the three categories as follows:

Types of Schools and College

1. Charter Schools Education Scholarship. Four (4) Scholarships at $10,000 for each chosen student.

2. College Scholarship: Four (4) cash Scholarships for College of $15,000.00 for each chosen student
3. Master’s Degree Scholarship: Four (4) Cash Scholarships of $20,000 for each chosen student


Students wishing to apply for these scholarships can request an application via email from our administrator Dr. John Kalaras at ARISTONU@ATT.NET.

Overview | Guidelines | Procedures

Qualified Student-Applicant: Is a person who meets the selection criteria set forth below. In addition, the Student-Applicant must be a full-time student and in good academic standing at the time of application and disbursement of the Scholarship funds. 

Purpose of Scholarship: To fund tuition, books, and other educational fees set by the academic institution, as described by the Internal Revenue Code § 170(b)(1)(A)(ii).

Authority over criteria and decision-making: “The Foundation” has the ultimate authority and decision-making; all decisions are final. Such criteria will be objective and non-discriminatory, following the meaning of Internal Revenue Code § 4945 and Treasury Regulation §53.4945-4(b).

Relationship of applicants to “The Foundation” or Donors: Typically, no employee or family member of a donor, or a member of the Scholarship Advisory Committee, is eligible to receive Scholarship funds.

Payment of Scholarship funds: “The Foundation” shall send Scholarship funds directly to the educational institution selected by the recipient. After selecting the winner, the institution will transfer the award funds to the recipient’s school account. If the recipient-student terminates her/his attendance at the academic institution, any unused portion of the Scholarship funds will be returned to “The Foundation”.

Record Keeping: “The Foundation” shall keep all records and documents submitted by the applicants for five (5) years. At that time the applicant may ask for such documents to be returned or “The Foundation” may dispose of them securely.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants’ notification: All student-applicants will be informed of the decision reached by “The Foundation” in writing. Rejected applicants will be provided with a short explanation of the reason(s) for the rejection.

Required Documents: The list below indicates the documents needed to be submitted by the student applicant. The list IS NOT totally inclusive; “The Foundation” may request additional documents. Such additional documents must meet the reasonableness test.

Release form by the student-applicant: The applicant must authorize “The Foundation” to examine and investigate the submitted materials. This may include but not limited to contacting the academic institution the applicant attends, or financial condition of the applicant, residence, etc. A form designed by “The Foundation” will be provided and must be signed and returned by the student-applicant. If the student-applicant is a minor a parent or legal guardian should sign the form.

Other release forms: The student-applicant and or the respective parent-guardian will sign a form allowing “The Foundation” to publicize any and all statements, pictures, videos, and other memorabilia, relative to the scholarship.

Selection committee: The Selection Committee shall consist of five (5) highly qualified education experts from different disciplines, an accountant and an attorney.

Selection Criteria

The following documents will be utilized for the evaluation and selection process.

  1. Application. “The Foundation” will provide it
  2. Official and current academic transcripts
  3. The financial condition of student-applicant and family financial situation, if it is warranted; i.e. student-applicant is a minor or has no financial records or “The Foundation” deems it necessary
  4. Two, maximum three, letters of recommendation; preferably academic
  5. Student-applicant Essay (directions will be provided by “The Foundation”)
  6. Student-applicant interview by the selection-evaluation committee
  7. Community involvement (Past-Current-Future)


Funds Goals

Luis Ortiz Aguilar or his Organizations donate $50,000

Fundraising Funds: $150,000

Total: $200,000

Time to complete program: 120 days

One-time scholarship per student

Online application, date due, components of an application to be drafted by the selection committee



Made up of five (5) highly qualified education experts in different educational disciplines, an accountant and attorney

We thank you for your support,

Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr.
President of the Paz Foundation