Press Events

Press events form an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Our award-winning press events in the GCC have garnered interests from the international media scenario. If you are looking at announcing a new brand launch or entering a new market, get in touch with us today.

Our unparalleled experience and long-standing relationship with journalists and media experts from around the world will assist in bringing your brand to life through bespoke events curated to convey brand story at every touchpoint.

Team Building Events

From Product Launches to Gala Dinners, Private Parties, and Conferences, team events are a great way to create an innovative,

enjoyable, and effective environment that facilitates bonding and collaboration.

Influencer Meet Ups

Every brand strategy eventually aims at creating loyal customers who become the best advocates to promote your brand. Our Influencer marketing strategy is designed for brands to meet their objectives of creating influential brand ambassadors to positively impact business goals and generate more revenue.

Influencer meet ups is a great way to connect one-on-one with the influencers to showcase the brand offering and is a must in every integrated campaign. Connect with us today to find out how we identify the right fit for your brand from our database of over thousands of influencers.


Immersive and all-inclusive brand activations have the power to make messaging more memorable, and exciting.

Targeted brand activation helps people and brands make real connections in a digital world.

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts are powerful tools to strengthen relationships and promote business objectives. A unique and customized corporate souvenir will keep your brand’s name imprinted in the people’s minds associated with your business.

As an agency with more than a decade of experience in corporate gifts, we can help unlock the power of your brand.

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