A Luxurious Lifestyle Experience in a Beautiful Natural Setting

How was Napario Born?

Napario is a lifestyle brand born in 2020 in Napa Valley County, California. The vision was simple. Giving people a beautiful, authentic, and memorable place to celebrate the unforgettable moments of their life while shopping, sipping a cup of coffee or wine, or just relaxing in a luxurious setting along the Napa River. Napario also offers a broader perspective on taking care of your plants and garden, thanks to the founders' passion for gardening.


Napario is the imagination of a fashion designer and her civil engineer architect partner. It was established with the dream of giving a complete lifestyle experience to people amidst nature and greenery.


Reconstructed from an abandoned warehouse, Napario is the result of the extensive combined experience of both the founders. An abandoned warehouse that was once overlooked is now a beautiful destination for hosting events, shopping, eating, and having a soul-soothing time being surrounded by natural aesthetics. The beautiful garden in and around the warehouse gives an array of founders’ experience in ‘creating from nothing.’


Since 2020, Napario has been reuniting souls with nature. This jewel in the heart of Napa Valley brings the colors of the city to a natural and beautiful riverside setting while also offering custom couture, wine bar, coffee shop, home furnishing, and garden store.

Meet The Dreamers

Growing up, Azadeh Riaz always had an inclination towards fashion which is why 30 years ago, she started her eponymous label, ‘Azadeh Couture.’ From designing inimitable aesthetics for daytime, cocktail, evening, and bridal wear to indulging in her other interests, she has redefined fashion as a contemporary fashion designer and excelled as an entrepreneur.
Her prolific career encompasses designing for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and serving as the head designer for Bebe stores nationwide from 1990 to 1995. She has also created beautiful couture wear for socialites, philanthropists, and elite customers in the US.
When Covid hit, she and her team worked towards the social cause and started making three-layer cotton masks and donated them to the healthcare workers.
With an intense love for nature and gardening, she wanted to combine her passions and give her clients a complete lifestyle experience. That is when she ventured into bringing Napario to life. With Napario, Azadeh extends her dreams beyond fashion to bring a grandeur lifestyle experience for everyone who enters.

Azadeh Riaz

With a master's in civil engineering and an extensive 30 years of experience in the construction business, Jean Messih was always inclined toward creation. One look at the abandoned warehouse by the Napa River, and he knew what he, along with his partner, wanted to create out of it. With equal passion as Azadeh for gardening, he invested months in making this dream a reality.
With Napario, Jean believes in opening new doors of celebrations for the Napa city while also bringing everything from shopping to gardening under one roof. The combined experience and touch of both the founders helps Napario deliver a complete lifestyle experience from the same place.

Jean Messih

Our Vision

To give you a complete lifestyle experience by turning your special events into memorable ones. From custom couture wear to sipping a coffee by the Napa River, Napario envisions a soothing experience for every visitor.

Our Values

Our values are built on excellent customer service, working on our passions, embracing teamwork and collaboration, building strong relationships, doing the right thing, and respect for everyone.